To determine the sales price of configured items, you can create price combinations for your product models. Price combinations are the alternative to the standard BOM price calculation. To use the standard bill of materials (BOM) calculation instead of the price combination system, select the check box on the tab of the form ( > > ).

Price combinations are based on the item sales price, from the form or from trade agreements, with the addition of one or more price adjustments depending on what has been selected in the product model's user dialog box.

  1. Click > .

  2. Click > .

  3. In the field, select among three different ways of specifying price adjustments:

    • As a percentage of the basic price ( ).

    • As an absolute amount ( ).

    • By using a calculation formula ( ).

    When several price adjustments apply to a specific item configuration, amount-based and calculated adjustments are applied first, and then percentage-based adjustments.

  4. If you select or , use the field to specify a percentage or an amount (positive or negative) that should be added to the standard sales price. If you select , specify the formula by clicking .

  5. Type a description of the price adjustment in the field.

  6. Click to define a rule that determines when this particular price adjustment becomes active for percentage-based and amount-based adjustments. Price adjustment expressions are created just like validation rules. For a description of this procedure, see Validation rules.