The is useful when a decision must be based on a single logical condition.

  1. In the form, right-click the node, point to and select . A new node will appear at the bottom of the modeling tree. If you want to insert a node into a particular position in the tree, drag it from the node list displayed on the left.

  2. Type the description in the field.

  3. In the field, write the logical condition that the should be tested for. The condition must be stated in the form of an X++ expression. For a description of X++ expressions, see the Microsoft Dynamics AX Developer's Guide.

  4. Click to test the code syntax.

  5. Click OKto save the code and close the form. The will be created that has two subnodes:

  6. Under the and , add subnodes that represent those parts of the item configuration whose execution depends on the value of the IF node's condition.