Every company collects and pays taxes to various tax authorities. The rules and rates vary for countries, states, counties, and cities, and must be updated periodically as tax authorities change their requirements.

The sales tax code contains the basic information about how much you collect and pay to the authorities. You set them up not only with amounts or percentages that need to be collected, but with various methods by which the amounts or percentages are applied to transaction amounts. The topics below show you how to set up the methods and rates that are required by your tax authorities.

The following topics provide information about setting up sales tax codes:

Set up and use sales tax codes

Create various kinds of sales tax codes

Selecting the overall sales tax calculation method in the Origin field

Selecting the method to calculate sales tax on invoices in the Marginal base field

Selecting Whole amount or Interval in the Method of calculation field

Set up a sales tax on a sales tax

(SGP) Set up tax codes for GST reporting

(NOR) Attach reporting codes to sales tax codes