To change the calculated sales taxes in a journal line, purchase order line, or sales order line:

  1. Select the transaction line for which the sales tax needs to be revised.

  2. Click to open the form.

    Note Note

    If you are working on purchase order or sales order lines, you must first click , and then click to open the form.

  3. You can make three kinds of revisions:

    • On the tab for a selected sales tax code line, enter a correction of the sales tax amount in the field.

      This amount appears in the field at the top of the form, or is added to the adjustment amounts of other sale tax code lines.

    • If the transaction has several sales tax code lines, you can enter an adjustment amount in the field.

      This amount is then distributed among the sales tax code lines that are shown in the form.

    • If the sales tax code line pertains to use taxes, enter adjustments to the use tax amount in the field on the tab.

      You can see the original use tax for the sales tax code line in the field.

  4. Close the form by:

    • Clicking to save the changes

      - or -

      Clicking to cancel changes.

    • Then click ESC to close the form and return to the journal lines or order lines.

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