You or a customer might pay one invoice on multiple dates or might use multiple payment methods, such as a check and cash. When this happens, you can reorganize an invoice into several parts and assign a separate payment method to each part. After you reorganize the invoice, you can settle each new invoice line with a separate payment.

You can refer to the following information to reorganize customer transactions in accounts receivable journals and vendor transactions in accounts payable journals.

Note Note

You also can reorganize transactions in the general journal and in payment journals.

  1. Click > .

    – or –

    Click > .

  2. Select an account.

  3. Click > .

  4. On the tab, select the check box for an invoice.

  5. Click .

  6. Select whether to reorganize the transaction by percentage or by amount.

  7. On the tab, create a new line for each new due date. For each due date, enter the percentage or amount of the original transaction that is due on that date.

    To reorganize the original transaction by method of payment, you can enter the same due date for each line. You will select the method of payment in step 11.

Tip Tip

Alternatively, you can reorganize the due dates by using a payment schedule. Click the button, select a payment schedule and a starting point, and click . The configuration key must be selected to reorganize transactions according to a payment schedule.

  1. Verify that the percentage or amount shown in the field is 0.

  2. Click to transfer the reorganized transactions to the form.

  3. Select a new transaction.

  4. Select the tab and select a method of payment and a payment specification.

  5. Repeat steps 10 and 11 for the remaining new transactions.

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