You can import BG Max payment files into Accounts receivable payment journals. This is the format required to support Bankgiro Inbetalningar (Bankgiro Receivables), which is available from BankGiroCentralen, a payment provider in Sweden. Microsoft Dynamics AX supports the following versions of the BG Max payment files:

  • Basic/standard

  • Extended with OCR control of check number

  • Extended with OCR control of check number and length

  • Extended with OCR extended form registration control

Use the form to import BG Max payment information to a payment journal.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new journal and click .

  3. In the form, click > .

  4. In the form, select a method of payment that is set up to use the Bankgiro Max (SE)import format.

  5. In the Bankgiro Max (SE)form, select the import file.

  6. To import incorrect records and correct them in the payment journal, select the check box. Otherwise, clear the check box.

  7. Click OK. The payments are imported. For each payment, the following actions can occur:

    • If the payment has a corresponding invoice transaction in Microsoft Dynamics AX, it might be automatically marked for settlement in the payment journal.

    • If the payment and invoice amounts match, the payment can be posted.

    • If the payment amount is less than the invoice amount (underpayment), the amount remains as an open amount and you can view it in the form. If the payment amount is greater than the invoice amount (overpayment), a message is displayed and you must correct the payment in the payment journal before you can post it.

Note Note

If no payment records in the file match any invoices in Microsoft Dynamics AX, no transactions are imported and an Infolog message is displayed. If only some of the records match, an Infolog message lists the amounts that were imported and the amount that should have been imported.

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