The following table lists the reports. The table entries are organized by business process component and then alphabetically by report name.

Business process component

Report name


Cash advance

Cash advance per employee

Shows the distributed cash advance amount per employee.

Cash advance requests

Lists cash advance requests submitted by employees and the currencies requested.

Expense report entry

Cost statistics per groups

Shows the costs incurred per statistics group.

Employee balance

Shows the balance of cash advance for an employee.

Expense reports

Lists all expense reports that have been submitted.

Expense types per employee

Lists per employee, the expense types that are entered on expense reports.

Mileage per employee

Shows the mileage use amount per employee.

Per diem per employee

Lists employee per diem amounts per employee.

Personal expenses

Summarizes all personal expenses that are entered by employees on submitted expense reports.

Posted transactions

Lists transferred and posted expense reports that are now located in the General ledger.


Vendor aging report

Lists the balances owed to employees set up as vendors for a selected period.