Several options exist for automatic quarantine management:

  • The item is placed in a quarantine warehouse when it is registered in purchasing (registration requirement for inventory model group).

  • The item is placed in a normal warehouse or a quarantine warehouse when the purchase is packing-slip updated (no registration requirement for the inventory model group).

  • The item is registered at a normal warehouse with the help of a location journal. When the journal is posted, a pallet transport is generated to move the item from the normal warehouse to the quarantine warehouse. When the pallet transport is complete, a quarantine order is generated.

  • The pallet is moved to a quarantine warehouse.

At registration, a quarantine order is generated whose status is . The field for the item's inventory model group must be selected, and a quarantine warehouse must be attached to the normal warehouse that is being used in the field.

You can create quarantine orders manually without requiring that the current item is set up for quarantine management in the inventory model group and corresponds, in principle, to a transfer journal. To do this, there must be at least one quarantine warehouse. You can edit the inventory dimensions on the or tabs. By clicking and then , you can select which inventory dimensions are to appear on the tab. The standard setup is retrieved from .

Quarantine orders can have the following statuses:


The quarantine order receives the status when it is created manually but the item is not yet placed at the quarantine warehouse. Two inventory transactions are generated: one receipt with the status at the normal warehouse and one issue with the status at the quarantine warehouse. You can register or reserve normally.


By clicking , you can start a manually created quarantine order. Automatically created orders receive the status . The item is moved from the normal warehouse to the quarantine warehouse, and two inventory transactions are generated: one with the status and another with the status . At the same time, two undated inventory transactions with the statuses and are created to handle the return transfer.

Reported as finished

By clicking , you can report a started quarantine order as finished. The item is released from quarantine, but it is not yet moved back to the normal warehouse. If you are using warehouse management, you can specify an item arrival journal that is initialized with the quarantine order's items.


When a reported-as-finished quarantine order is ended, the item is moved from the quarantine warehouse back to the normal warehouse, and the item transactions' status is set to at the quarantine warehouse and at the normal warehouse.

Note Note

Only quarantine orders whose status is or can be deleted manually by pressing ALT+F9.