You can create different versions of a production route using the in order to allow for variations in the production of an item, or to provide increased control over the production process.

For example, if a small quantity of an item must be produced, it may be more economical to run it through a different route with operations that use machines with less capacity that cost less to run. It could be more cost-efficient to use the original route for large production orders that use high-capacity machines.

  1. Click > > and select an item of type BOM.

  2. Click and select the option .

  3. In the , select the BOM line on which you want to create a route.

  4. On the left, click the icon

  5. In the form, click to create a new route and route version. The dialog box appears.

  6. Enter a brief descriptive name for the route.

  7. Select the check box to copy the contents of another route to use as a starting point for the new one.

  8. Click to create the route and route version. Route numbers are system-generated by means of number sequences.

  9. Enter the dates for which the route version is valid.

  10. Click to approve the route version. The dialog box appears.

  11. In the lookup field, select the appropriate employee ID .

  12. Select the check box to verify approval of the route version.

  13. Click OKto approve the route version.

  14. Select the check box to activate the route version and view it in the section of the form.

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