First window

View the bill of materials (BOM) versions that are associated with the BOM item in the Item form. You can link new BOM versions and edit existing ones. At least one BOM version must be associated with a BOM item. In addition to the and , the window shows the date interval for which the version is valid. A check in the field indicates that the BOM is active, and a check in the field indicates that the BOM has been approved. The field shows who approved it. You can mark more than one BOM version as active, if the valid periods do not overlap.

Note Note

To create a new BOM, click .

Second window

This shows the BOM lines that make up the BOM. You can create and edit the lines. You must specify the , , and a sales unit. Remember that a BOM might be associated with more than one BOM item, which means that changes here might affect other BOM items. In the form, you can see which BOM items are associated with a BOM.