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  2. Parameters are grouped on tabs according to their functionality. On each tab you can set up the following parameters:

    • - Select a color to apply to open absence transactions, the order in which to display personal names, the style sheet to use for reports, indicate whether to activate the integration between training courses and absence registration, and select the absence code to use to control this integration. If you are importing General ledger transactions from an external payroll package, you can also select the file and the journal to import the data to.

    • - Select the document types to use to automate correspondence with applicants, the recruitment project to use to collect unsolicited applications, and define the length of time to store information about applicants that were not hired.

    • - Define default values for strategic plans that are created from development plans, including whether to transfer the dimensions information from the organization unit, and whether to display the Task or Calendar form in Outlook when scheduling actions.

    • - Indicate whether you want to allow employees to be enrolled in more than one fixed compensation plan, how often cumulative fields in pay records are converted before they are summed, and whether to show a warning to someone that is about to save information in a fixed or variable plan. If you are using performance management, you can select a rating model to use instead of the model assigned to compensation plans when rating performance.

    • - Select the sequences to use to automatically allocate identifiers to items in the module.

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