Cost budgeting is used to plan costs for cost categories and service budgeting is used to plan services (quantities) for service categories.

You can enter budget values in cost and service budgets in the following forms:

Both forms can be accessed directly from or using the > form.

The form also shows budget costs and services for all dimensions, and cost and service categories that contain budget values for a selected .

You can choose between three methods of allocation for cost and service budgeting in the field on the tab:

  • : No allocation is used. You enter an amount for a selected cost category and a date.

  • : Allocates budget costs for a unit of a future period. You must specify: , , and date.

    ExampleIf quantity = 1 and unit = month, the specified amount is posted every month up to the end date.

  • : Allocates budget costs according to a selected which is set up in .

Note Note

The field in the form and the field in the form, which display total budget costs or quantities for a certain future period, are updated automatically when you use the and methods of budget cost allocation.

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