You must:

  • Decide which radio frequency identification (RFID) items should be tagged and the level of the tagging.

  • Activate the serial number dimension in the form for the dimension group

  • Specify the receipt quantity per number to one in the form as the tags are connected to serial numbers.

Ship RFID items

  1. Click > and create a sales order.

    The RFID tagging requirements are transferred to the sales order line, but can still be changed.

  2. Click , and then select .

  3. Select the quantity, and then click OK.

    This generates an output order automatically, if output orders are used for this warehouse.

  4. Click > , and then create and activate a shipment.

  5. Click > and start a picking route.

  6. Click and enter the appropriate options.

    Note Note

    On the tab, you must set the and the in order to read and to write tags.

  7. Complete the shipment.

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