1. Click > .

  2. Press CTRL+N to open the dialog box.

  3. Enter the appropriate options for the new project.

    A project number is automatically suggested based on a number series. Optionally, the default project number can be overwritten.

Note Note

If you selected the check box on the tab in the form, you will be prompted to specify whether you want to transfer customer information when you create a new project and select an invoice project. If you click Yes, the program enters the customer address information.

When you create a subproject, it automatically inherits the project type of the parent project. The project type of the subproject can be changed if that is required.

Use a wizard to copy a project

When you create a new project, you can use the Project copy wizard to copy an existing project or project structure.

  • Click > > to open the wizard.

Note Note

To make a project available as a project to be copied, the check box must be selected on the project to be copied. To make a project structure available for copying, only the parent project must be defined as a project template.

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