This topic describes how to populate the Microsoft Office Excel template that is generated in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

This method enables you to export populated or empty Microsoft Office Excel (*.xls) files (templates). Empty *.xls files can be populated in Microsoft Office Excel and imported back into Microsoft Dynamics AX. Populated .xls files are populated with data from Microsoft Dynamics AX and then exported as *.xls files. Both empty and populated *.xls files that are exported from Microsoft Dynamics AX contain information about the table identification (ID), field name, table name, header notes, and Help text from related fields.

Important Important

Export to Microsoft Office Excel shares the Excel worksheet size limitations of 65,536 rows by 256 columns.

Export data to Excel

  1. Use the to create templates for the required Microsoft Dynamics AX tables, as described in Create a template in Microsoft Office Excel.

    The helps you create one or more templates in Microsoft Office Excel where you can enter data, and then import the data into Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    The wizard creates a worksheet in the workbook for each table that you select.

    The wizard then lets you select whether to include current company data in the export, export supporting data, and create a Microsoft Office Excel project file.

  2. Open the Excel workbook that contains the templates and review the data.