Some of the value changes I recorded are not included in the finished document

If the last step in a recording is a value change and the form is left open when the recording stops, the value change is not recorded. The recording of a value change is triggered by a change of focus by, for example, a changing tab page or the closing of a form.

Suggested solution:Close the form as the last step in the recording.

If the same control is changed multiple times without changing focus, only the last change is recorded.

Suggested solution:To record all value changes, change tabs between each change.

Some control types are not wholly supported in the Task Recorder: TreeView, HTML, ActiveX, and ListBox.

Suggested solution:If you use these controls during recording, you may have to add steps reflecting the use of them manually by editing the generated document.

Some of the value changes I recorded are included multiple times in the finished document

On forms where controls are implemented using a lookup button and a grid displaying possible values, change of value is recorded multiple times.

Suggested solution:Edit the finished document and remove any duplicate recordings.

Screen shots are missing in the document or presentation

Very fast tab changes (faster than one second) are recorded, but a screen capture is not taken.

Suggested solution:Make sure that you do not record tab changes very quickly.

Some of the steps I recorded are not illustrated with a screen shot in the document or in the presentation

Any steps which are done from the Microsoft Dynamics AX development AOT are not included in the recording.

Suggestion solution:Make sure that steps in a task are all done from the application menu.