1. Click > > > .

  2. Press CTRL + N to create a line for a closing sheet in a particular posting layer (see the field) for the year that is closing. The posting layers are:

    You can make several closing sheets for each year, but each must have a unique identifier in the field.

  3. Select a value in the field. To make closing adjustments for the entire year that are kept separate from the daily postings in the last period of the year, select .

  4. On the tab, specify the period that the adjustments apply to.

  5. In the field, specify the posting date for the adjustments.

  6. Click > .

  7. In the field on the tab, for each ledger account that you want to include in the closing sheet, select an option to determine which corresponding field in the form the balance of the ledger account is transferred into. The options are:

  8. Click > > > > to attach the balances of selected ledger accounts to the selected closing sheet.

  9. Click , select the accounts that you want to add to the closing sheet, select the check box if necessary, and then click . The balances of the selected accounts are listed in form.

  10. Examine the transferred balances and make adjustments if necessary. When the transfers and adjustments for one of the loaded accounts are balanced, select the account.

  11. Click to post the balances and adjustments to the closing sheet.

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