The products that reside in the inventory table must be organized and filtered in a way that is suitable for presentation on the Internet. This is done in product groups in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The product groups are organized in a tree structure with two possible node types:

  • Group node

  • Item node

Group nodes are used to hold item nodes and group nodes on a lower level in the product group hierarchy.

Item nodes are used to hold the selected product items from your inventory.

To set up product groups:

  1. Open the form.

  2. Click > (or activate the upper window and press CTRL+N) to add a new product group.

    • In the field, enter an identifier for the product group.

    • In the field, enter a descriptive name for the product group.

    • In the field, select either or from the list.

    • The field indicates whether the product group is the top node in the hierarchy. If it is a top node, it is marked with a green check mark.

    • The field indicates whether a selection is made by using the query tool (available only when the selected type is ).

  3. Repeat steps 2-5 to add more product groups.

  4. The following section is divided into two sections that explain the different available options. The options that are available depend on the node type that is chosen for the product group:

Case: Group node

  • If the selected product group in the upper window is a group node, it is possible to add component groups only in the lower window. The component groups that are added in the lower window have to be available as product groups in the upper window - the list of available component groups consists of the product groups in the upper window.

  • To add component groups to the , press CTRL+N and select the product group that you want to include.

Case: Item node

  • To allocate the required items to the selected product group, click to open the form.

  • This option can be selected only if the selected is an .

  1. In the form, click to open the query dialog. Here you can select the items that you want to allocate to the selected . Click to return to the form.

  2. In the form, click to finish the item selection process.

Note Note

Repeat the above steps if you want to create more product groups as item nodes. When you have all the product groups you need, assign the item nodes to a group node.

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