When you change quotation data, do so carefully because changes can affect the related quotation activity data. This topic highlights the changes that you can make to quotations and the effect the changes have on quotation activity data.

Changing status

If you change the sales quotation status to or , or if you convert the sales quotation to a sales order, the sales quotation follow-up activity is automatically closed.

Deleting a sales quotation

If you delete the sales quotation, the attached follow-up activity is also deleted.

Changing the follow-up date

If you change the follow-up date of the sales quotation, the start date of the follow-up activity is also changed.

Changing sales quotation responsible

If you change the employee who is responsible for a sales quotation, the follow-up activity also changes to reflect the new employee.

If the follow-up activity has previously been synchronized with Microsoft Office Outlook, the follow-up activity is deleted and the synchronization log is set to delete the old follow-up activity during the next synchronization. A new sales quotation follow-up activity is created for the new employee.

If you remove an employee who is responsible for a quotation, the follow-up activity is deleted.

Changing the contact person

If the sales quotation has a contact person associated with it, the contact is registered in the sales quotation follow-up activity.

If the contact is removed, the follow-up activity is automatically updated, and the contact in question is removed from the follow-up activity data.

Changing activity data

Changes to the sales quotation follow-up activity data do not affect the sales quotation upon which the follow-up activity data is based.