The Intrastat declaration is the compulsory declaration of movements of goods to or from other Member States of the EU.

Prerequisites for transferring transactions into the form

  • In the form, set up the , , and fields for the relevant countries.

In the form on the tab:

  • Set up the relevant fields in the field group.

  • Specify the field on the tab.

In the form, and in the form on the tab, select country/region.

In the form, set up the company accounts specific criteria for default values for the , , , , and fields.

When you create a sales order, free text invoice, purchase order, or invoice project, the line transactions must be transferred into the form only if the field is . The field is set to its default value in the form. You can change the default value, and complete other Intrastat-related fields manually before updating. When the order is packing slip updated or packing slip invoiced, the packing slip and invoice journals are updated with Intrastat related fields from the order header, order lines, and the invoiced items. This makes it possible to transfer transactions to the form.

If you make triangular deals using direct delivery within the EU, then it is automatically detected as to whether the transactions should be transferred to the form when you click .

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