Companies in the Netherlands must submit a turnover statement that shows value-added taxes (VAT), sales tax and turnover tax-omzet belasting (OB)—and their Intra-Community Deliveries (ICL) tax declaration—to the Dutch tax authorities electronically.

Use the to set up electronic tax declaration information.

  1. Click > > > > .

  2. Select the VAT and ICL contact person types and enter additional contact information.

  3. Enter the service bureau ID, name, and telephone number.

  4. On the (Business Application Programming Interface) tab, enter the time out limit in minutes, and select the work folder and log file folder.

  5. Enter the process identification of the person sending the file sender.

  6. On the tab, enter the appropriate e-mail addresses and the incoming and outgoing server names.

  7. On the tab, enter the Lightweight Directory Assistance Protocol (LAPD) server name and the certificate information.

  8. On the tab, you can assign a number sequence to each reference.

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