Follow these steps to enable the module and automatically transfer the transactions in the module to the module.


Form or situation



Specify setup options, indicate default values, and define number sequences.

Before you can use the module, specify the following settings on the tab:

  • . When a dimension is selected, you cannot clear it if transactions exist. However, you can select an additional dimension.

  • . If the cost categories are identical to the chart of accounts, click to create all ledger accounts of the , , and in the form.

Some of the settings cannot be changed when the module is being used.

Before you can work with , you must set up number sequences on the tab.


Situation:Cost categories identical to general ledger accounts

The cost categories are usually equivalent to the general ledger accounts. If the cost categories are identical to the ledger account numbers, and if you have clicked in the form, you will find a list of cost categories that have been automatically created in the form. You can create additional local cost categories.

About cost categories


Situation: Cost categories not identical to general ledger accounts

In this case, you have to create the cost categories of the cost type manually, and then use to create the relation to the chart of accounts.

Note Note

You can select several ledger accounts for one cost category. About cost categories


All situations

To receive transactions from the , define for which the cost category is being used.

If you want to define more than one cost category, select the categories that you want to define, and then click .

Note Note

You can select more than one dimension per cost category, but in this case, a transaction for each dimension is created. To solve this problem, see step 3.


Work with cost splitting

Click if you want to split the cost categories into variable and fixed costs by entering a percentage.


You only need to set up the dimension posting control when you work with more than one dimension and when you have cost categories with more than one dimension selected in on the tab in the form.

About the dimension posting control


Create the dimensions that you need to use in .

About dimensions


Create the journal names that you need to create cost transactions in .

About journal names


Create the journal text that you want to use in the cost accounting transactions.

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