Fill in the lowest amount of the depreciation allowed for this value model.

The round-off amount is used in inquiries about the fixed asset, which show the future depreciation and value for the fixed asset, and also in the depreciation proposals. Whatever rounding is set up, the depreciation amount in the very last depreciation period is not rounded because the fixed asset value should be zero–or scrap value, if scrap value is used–at the end of the last depreciation period.


Depreciation without any rounding is calculated as 2,444.44.

Depending on how rounding is set up, different amounts are suggested, as show in the table.

Rounding 0.1

Depreciation 2,444.40

Rounding 1.00

Depreciation 2,444.00

Rounding 10.00

Depreciation 2,440.00

Rounding 100.00

Depreciation 2,400.00