Validation rules are used for validation of user input after the user has entered a value for a modeling variable. For example, if you are creating a product model for the lamp and want to restrict the user's choice of the lamp height to a certain range in case he or she had selected 3 or more bulbs for it, you would use validation rules to set this up.

Local and global validation rules

Validation rules can be global and local rules can be applied to several models and rules are set up for only one product model.

Global rules are created in the form (click > > ) only for modeling variables, not for calculation ones as they are specific for each product model. The product models for which the rule will apply are selected in the lower pane of the form under . Before the rule can be active for the product model, it must be approved and activated. This procedure is standard and the same as for BOM versions. For its detailed description, see the documentation about bills of materials. The rule itself is created in the form that opens when you click .

Validation rules can be created for both modeling and calculation variables in the form that opens when you click in one of the following forms: or .

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