Before you start to use the form you have to do the following:

  • Create a warehouse of the type

  • Attach the warehouse to the .

  • Set up number sequences to use for transfer orders in the form.

  • To automatically calculate the ship date when you choose a receipt date, select the check box in the form.

  • Select in the form, if you want a picking list update to set the inventory transactions to Picked. If is not selected, transactions are set to Picked at picking list registration.

  • Select the check box if you want to reserve items for transfer at the . The default setting for this parameter is in the section of the Navigation Pane in . In most situations it makes sense to select this parameter. However if a long period of time exists between the creation of the transfer order and its actual transfer, you can clear this parameter so reservations do not tie up too much inventory that could otherwise be used in the meantime.

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