You can assign bar codes to fixed assets in three ways.

Assign bar codes when fixed assets are created:

  1. Click > > > tab.

  2. Select the check box. The bar code will be assigned when creating new assets.

Assign bar code to current fixed assets:

  1. Select the check box in .

  2. Click > > > .

  3. Process the batch job. This will assign bar codes to all existing assets.

  4. If the bar codes should not be assigned to fixed assets as each fixed asset is created, clear the check box in each time that you process the batch.

Assign bar code to fixed asset groups:

Instead of using the fixed asset number codes as bar codes, you can assign fixed asset bar code number sequences to specific fixed asset groups.

  1. Click > > > , and select the fixed asset group to assign group-specific bar codes to for each fixed asset.

  2. Select the check box.

  3. Select the appropriate number sequence for the fixed asset group in the .

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