1. Click > > > .

  2. Under > tab, select a batch or serial number.

  3. Highlight the batch or serial number, and select the following parameters for this dimension:

  4. Close the form.

  5. Create a new batch or serial number from > > > .

  6. Complete appropriate fields for batch/serial number creation, making sure to select under on the tab.

    Note Note

    When items are received or issued, batch and serial numbers do not have to be filled out, and they are not automatically assigned. They can be filled out in the form using the or button on a received transaction.

  7. Click > > > .

  8. On the tab, under , select the receipt transaction whose inventory dimensions are being copied.

  9. Under , select the issue transaction to which the inventory dimensions are being copied.

    Note Note

    The receipt transaction becomes unavailable when you proceed to the issue transaction.

  10. Click for the issues section to copy from the receipt transaction to the issue transaction. The marking is complete.

    Caution note Caution

    There are two Copybuttons. The Copybutton for the section where inventory dimensions are being copied to is always the button to click. Clicking the wrong Copybutton changes inventory dimensions and cannot be undone.

  11. At this point, transactions can be recalculated. Click to immediately adjust and update cost values on the issue. All open transactions for the item are recalculated.

    We recommend that you use the function only periodically, as transaction volume requires.