After you create a sales order, sales quotation, purchase order, production order, project quotation, or item requirement for a modeling-enabled item, you can start the configuration process by clicking for sales and purchase orders and quotations, by clicking for production orders, or by clicking > for item requirements.

Configuring the item

When the configuration process has been started, the configuration user dialog box is created based on the product model's setup of modeling variables and validation rules. In the user dialog box, you can enter the configuration data required for the product you are configuring. Click OKto let the product model traverse the modeling tree and generate a BOM and route for the configured item. The product model will attach BOM ID and route ID to the order, quotation, or item requirement line.

When you start an item configuration by clicking , the product model that is used for the configuration will be the one that is currently active for this item, as specified in the pane of the form, unless you specify a different product model on the order or quotation line on the tab page.

The structure of a product model's user dialog box is determined by how the modeling variables and variable groups are set up. Each variable group is shown as a tab page. If a variable group has subgroups, these are displayed as field groups on the top-level group's tab page. If you choose to have the user dialog box displayed as a tree structure instead, the groups will appear as nodes and sub nodes.

Automatic and mandatory configuration

The user dialog box can start automatically after you enter the configurable item numbers in the order, or quotation lines and save the record. You do not have to click to do this. This user dialog box can be set to open automatically and is item controlled. It can be set up by selecting the check box on the tab of the form.

You can also set up the system to start configuring automatically after clicking . You can do this by selecting the check box on the tab of the form. If you select it, you will not see the user dialog box and will not have to make any choices there; all the default settings will be applied instead.

You can skip only the approval dialog by selecting the check box on the tab of the form. In this case, you will make all the required choices in the user dialog box, but the configuration approval, sales price and delivery date calculation will be performed automatically.

To calculate only the price or delivery date automatically, select the or check box on the tab of the form.

It is also possible to make modeling-enabled item configuring in order or quotation lines mandatory. This mandatory configuration is also item controlled and can be set up by selecting the check box on the tab of the form.

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