Managing arrival of items to the inbound dock consists of several separate tasks that are typically done by different users.

View expected arrivals

The first step is the planning phase. The warehouse manager or the person responsible for receiving goods needs an overview of the expected arrivals to plan the work and assign tasks to individual warehouse workers.

  1. Click > > to open the form.

Under , select . In the section, type " 0" in the and leave the blank. In the field, type the names of the warehouses for which you want to view expected arrivals, for example "GW, MW".

  1. Click the button to display arrivals based on the ranges used.

The list now shows arrivals that are expected on or before the current date.

Check arrivals

When the goods arrive in the inbound dock, the warehouse manager or the warehouse worker verifies the information about the paperwork accompanying the goods and compares it with the information in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Each order that has been physically checked can be pre-registered in Microsoft Dynamics AX so that it is visible to other users that the receipt is in progress.

  1. Click > > to open the form.

  2. Use the options in the section to filter on the information supplied with the goods, for example the .

  3. Under , select the check box for the relevant lines and click the button.

    When all lines for a receipt have arrived, pre-registration can be done by selecting the check box under instead of under .

An arrival journal is now created and information about the selected lines is added.

Note Note

Selecting an arrival journal in the field on the tab is a prerequisite for generating arrival journals.

Register arrivals

When the goods are in the inbound dock or being moved to the designated warehouse, the warehouse manager registers the arrival of the goods in Microsoft Dynamics AX in arrival journals.

  1. Click > > to open the form.

  2. Select the receipts you want to register arrival for and then click .

  3. For detailed information, in the form, select a journal and then click .

    Make the necessary updates, and then click to complete the registration.

Update arrival data with a packing slip

When all the goods are registered, the warehouse manager or the purchasing manager updates the received items with a packing slip to add the physical cost.

  1. Click > > to open the form.

  2. Click to display a list of the journals that are ready for packing slip update.

  3. Select the journals to be updated and then click to open the .

  4. Type the packing slip number and then click OKto post the packing slip.