The nodes are useful for attaching documents, files, or notes to BOM nodes and Route nodes.

  1. In the form, right-click or and then select > node. A node appears as a subnode of the or that you chose.

  2. If you want to insert a node into a particular position in the tree, drag it from the node list displayed on the left.

    Note Note

    The node form that opens resembles the Microsoft Dynamics AX standard document attachment form.

  3. In the field, specify the name of the document or file that you want to attach.

  4. Click or to assign a fixed value or the value of a variable to the current document node field. If you choose to assign a variable to one of the fields, this field will be filled in during item configuration with the value of the variable you selected.

  5. In the field, select the type of the document that is being inserted.

  6. In the field, type a brief description of the document that is being inserted.

  7. In the field, specify the restriction type for the document.