Intercompany sales orders are posted in the same way as normal sales orders. When an intercompany sales order is invoice posted, the corresponding intercompany purchase order is automatically posted if it is a direct delivery. The original sales order is automatically posted when the intercompany purchase order is invoice posted.

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There are several parameters that you must set up so that the intercompany sales order and intercompany purchase order automatically get the status and so that the invoice is printed on the invoice printer in the correct company. For help setting up parameters, see Set up parameters to post an intercompany order.

  1. Click > .

  2. Select the order to post.

  3. Click > or .

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If you are using direct delivery and you select in the field in the form, the intercompany purchase order invoice is based on the intercompany purchase order packing slip that was previously posted. For more information, see About posting packing slips for intercompany orders.

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When working with intercompany, we recommend that you clear the check mark from the field, because the program tries to delete the related purchase order. To do this, click > > , select the tab, and clear the check mark in the field.

We also recommend that you clear the check mark from the field. To do this, click > > , and on the tab, clear the check mark from the field.

Tip Tip

To inquire about sales order packing slips and invoices, click > or to open the or forms.