A task is a unit of work that must be performed by the assigned user. For example, a purchase requisition workflow may have tasks that require the assigned users to:

  • Add a vendor to each line item.

  • Review each line item.

  • Call the vendor.

To act on a task that is assigned to you, use the following steps.

  1. Open the document that has the task associated with it.

  2. Review the message bar for information about the task. Click the icon in the message bar to view detailed instructions about the task that you must complete.

  3. A task can be assigned to multiple people; however, only one person can act on a task.

    If this task is assigned to multiple people—and you want to act on it—click Actions> Accept. This indicates that you will act on the task. (The task will be removed from other users' Work listWeb parts.)

  4. Click Actionsand select one of the following options. (The options you see may vary depending on how this task was configured.)

    • Complete— Select this option when you have completed the task. The document will be assigned to the next user in the workflow, if necessary. If no additional processing is required, the workflow process ends.

    • Request change— Select this option to request changes to the document. A dialog box is displayed where you can enter a comment about the changes needed and select the user who should make the changes.

    • Delegate— Select this option to assign this task to another user. A dialog box is displayed where you can select the user you want this task assigned to.