Job scheduling is detailed scheduling. It breaks each operation down into its individual tasks or jobs. These jobs are then assigned to the individual work centers.

When job scheduling is run, the system plans the resources need for production based on the limitations you define in the parameters set up on the work centers. You can control the capacity of the work centers by setting a maximum capacity allowed. The calculation of the capacity loads for the work centers is conducted by the system during the scheduling process.

Note Note

For productions that use the operations scheduling function, you can run job scheduling after operations scheduling. If you are not using operations scheduling, you can run job scheduling alone.

Capacity setting for simultaneous production

If, for example, you set up your system so that no more than 50 percent of total capacity can be operations-scheduled for each production order, you will have more control over scheduling of resources at the job scheduling level. This ensures that there is enough capacity available to perform simultaneous productions.