Use this procedure to register replies from vendors to a request for quote.

Register request for quote replies

  1. Click > Common Forms> .

  2. Use the filter options to search for the request for quote to which you want to register replies. For example, type a vendor account in the field.

  3. Select the request for quote to register replies for.

  4. Click > . The request for quote reply sheets related to the request for quote are listed in the form.

  5. Use the filter options to search for a specific vendor.

  6. Click > to copy information from the request for quote to the reply. The reply fields on both the request for quote reply header and lines are updated with the data from the request for quote that was applied when the request for quote was sent.

    - Or -

    Fill in the remaining information from the vendor reply manually on the tab on the header and lines.

    Note Note

    If you have selected the and the check boxes in the form when you sent the replies to vendors, most fields are populated with vendor specific information automatically.

  7. Click > to verify or change miscellaneous charges.

    For more information, see Misc. charges transactions (form).

  8. Click to update trade agreements for the vendor.

    For more information, see Trade agrmt. (form).

The lowest/highest statuses on the request for quote reply header change to / when you enter data in the reply fields and save the request for quote reply. The lowest/highest statuses of the request for quote change to / or / when you have registered all replies.

Note Note

You can register an alternative reply line for a vendor. Press CTRL+N in the lower pane to add a new line and enter information about quantify, prices, delivery, and so on. If multiple vendors are assigned to the request for quote, the new line is not automatically added to these vendors. Only the request for quote reply is updated, not the request for quote. You can delete lines that you have added manually to a request for quote reply as long as the reply line status is not or .

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