Loan items are physical items that can be loaned to employees. Items can be used for short term or long term loans, such as:

  • Mobile telephones

  • Automobiles

  • Computer equipment.

Each loan item should describe what is being loaned, who is responsible for the loan, and the number of days the item can be on loan. Each item must be created individually, since an item can only be loaned to one person at a time. You cannot create pools of items (such as keys, access cards or uniforms), and repeat loans on the item code.

When loaning an item, record the date the item was loaned, and the planned return date. When the item is returned, record the actual return date.

Account for lost or misplaced loan items

If an item becomes damaged or misplaced, record a fictitious return. Then either delete the item or keep it in the overview and change the description to indicate that the item is not available.

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