You can import external sales forecast data into your Microsoft Dynamics AX database from the Microsoft Dynamics Demand Planner. If you have the Demand Planner installed, you can use the following procedure to run the forecast import:

  1. Click > > > to open the form.

  2. On the tab, enter the following information:

    • The Microsoft Dynamics AX forecast model to which you want to import.

    • The Microsoft Dynamics Demand Planner measure from which the forecast is selected.

  3. Select the check box to include customers in the import. If the check box is empty, the number of transactions that are processed is minimized.

  4. Define the date interval for the forecast import.

  5. Click .

For additional information, see the Microsoft Dynamics Demand Planner Release 2.0, Installation and Configuration Manual.

Note Note

You must have Read permissions to the following tables, which Microsoft Dynamics Demand Planner creates during integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX: