Use purchase orders to create, maintain, print, and inquire about orders in the company.

You can choose among several purchase order types described below:

Purchase order type


Use as a draft; it has no effect on stock quantities and does not generate item transactions. These lines are not included in master scheduling.

Use if the vendor has not committed an order. Quotation generates an issue lot of the Quotation type in the inventory, and optionally in master scheduling.

Use subscription orders for recurring orders. When the order is invoiced, the order status is automatically set to open order, the quantity delivered is invoiced, and the delivery remainder is updated.

Use when the vendor confirms an order.

Use when returning goods to the vendor. The returned item number (RMA number) given by the vendor must be entered. This can be found on the tab.

Use if there is a contract with the vendor and you want to order from the contract. Create a release order to release, order, and invoice items until the contract is fulfilled. Blanket orders have no effect on stock quantities, do not generate item transactions, and are not included in master scheduling (unlike release orders, which do).