Project groups are defined and maintained in the form.

A project group must be assigned to every project. The primary purpose to divide projects into different groups is to control the setup of posting to ledger accounts.

You can set up project groups for the six types of projects; every project must belong to one project group of the same type as the project.

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In addition to the project structure that is defined by projects and project groups a parallel structure of categories and category groups also controls the posting profiles. Postings in the section can be derived from these two different perspectives. The perspective determines the primary criterion for the selection of a ledger account for the transactions.

Topics about project groups

The following topics provide information about both project groups and project types.



About changing the project group

Conceptual information about changing project groups, including a table displaying criteria for changing to a specific project group.

Selecting the project type

Conceptual information about what factors to consider when selecting a project type.

Change the project group

How to change the project group of a project or estimate project.