PrerequisiteSet up profit and loss ledger accounts for exchange adjustments. To set up the accounts, click > > . On the tab, select ledger accounts in the four lookup fields in the section.

Note Note

To estimate the financial effect of the exchange adjustment that you are about to perform, you can run a simulation of the exchange adjustment simulation in the or form. For more information, see Simulate an exchange adjustment.

Run an exchange adjustment and print the results

  1. Click > > .


    Click > > .

  2. Click .

  3. Enter values in the following fields:

  4. Enter values in the other fields as appropriate.

  5. Select the check box to print a report that shows the customer balances before and after the exchange adjustment. This printout also shows the summary of all changes by currency.

Note Note

This report is only available when you run the exchange adjustment; therefore, it is important to print the report each time you run the exchange adjustment.

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