You can use the Default node to insert standard routes or bills of materials (BOM) into a product model - or you can use it to specify a default route for the product model.

  1. In the form:

    1. Select the tab in the lower pane.

    2. Right-click the node.

    3. Click > .

    A new Default node appears at the bottom of the modeling tree. If you want to insert a node into a particular position in the tree, drag it from the node list displayed on the left.

  2. In the form in the field, select , , or .

    • If you select either or , your selection in the field will add either a or a to the product model.

    • If you select , the default route you choose in the field will be used as a template when new route nodes are subsequently added to the modeling tree.

  3. Depending on your choice for the field, select the route, a bill of materials, or a default route for your product model in the field.

  4. Click to test the code syntax.

  5. Click OKto save the code and close the form.