When you set up Microsoft Dynamics AX to allow users to create purchase requisitions, you specify which items will be available for users to request. You can specify that:

  • Users can select from a catalog that contains only items that are relevant for purchase requisitions.

  • Users can select only items that have not been blocked for purchase.

  • Users can select from all items.

You can create product catalogs to specify which items are available for purchase requisitions. You may decide that only specific items must be available, and define a product catalog structure that is relevant to purchase requisitions without affecting an existing item group structure.

You can also make non-catalog items available for purchase requisitions. Non-catalog items typically are not part of your company's regular inventory because they are used immediately and not stocked, such as office supplies (unless your company sells office supplies). You can make non-catalog items available by creating category catalogs. These catalogs include category items, which function as placeholders for the non-catalog items. For more information, see Set up category items.

Both product and category catalogs require that item information be stored in the Microsoft Dynamics AX database.

You create catalogs in the form, and then use the form to select the default product and category catalogs to use for purchase requisitions.

Product catalogs and category catalogs for purchase requisitions are used for both the Microsoft Dynamics AX client and Enterprise Portal.

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