Reconcile after conversion and recalculation

All reconciliation reports must be executed again after the conversion to be sure that all converted amounts are correct:

  • Whenever the company currency conversion leads to rounding differences, these differences are not posted using the voucher where the rounding difference has occurred, but using the entered voucher for the conversion postings. So after the conversion, all reports that check by voucher and date will print these rounding differences. This is correct and can be ignored.

  • If the reconciliation reports and display a difference amount in the total line, and no difference amount existed before the conversion, this difference amount has to be posted. The account is the summary account for customers and vendors. The offset account is the ledger account for or .

Complete final steps to the conversion

Go to the submenu and perform the following:

  • As all ledger transaction journals have been deleted, journalize the ledger transactions again.

  • As all business statistics data have been deleted, recalculate them by clicking .

Disable the conversion tool

After the currency conversion has passed through correctly, the conversion tool should be disabled to prevent further use.

  1. Click > > .

  2. Click .

  3. Click the tab and set the permission for > > > > to for all user groups, except Admin.