A wizard can be used to create product models and guide the user through the steps that are required to create a new model.

Note Note

In the form, a new option has been added. To see this option, in the form, click and select . A dialog box will appear with a check box. If this check box is selected, all new product models will be created by using the wizard. If this field is cleared, all new product models will be created manually. This option can be set up individually for each user. If this check box is selected, the wizard form will appear when the user presses CTRL+N.

The wizard guides the user through the following steps:

  1. – Read the information on this screen. Then, click to create a product model or to close the form.

  2. – Specify the Product Model number and type its description.

    • If the number sequence for product model identification is enabled, the field is completed automatically. Then, click to continue.

    • If you click , a new form will appear. In this form you can select an existing model to copy. Select the one that you want to copy from, and then click OK.

      Note Note

      If you use this option, you do not create the new product model from the very start. Instead, you copy an existing product model and change it with the help of wizard.

  3. – You can create the modeling variables that will be used in your new product model. If you click , the form opens. You can create new variables or change the existing ones here. Click to continue.

  4. – You can create the variable groups you want to present in the user dialog box. If you click , the form will open. You can create new groups or change the existing ones here. Click to continue.

  5. – You can create the product model contents. If you click , the form opens. You can use this form to set up the selection of groups, the modeling variables, the modeling tree structure, and the validation rules that are required for product model creation. Click to continue.

  6. – You can set up the parameters that will be used when a new item number must be generated for the configured item. Click to call the appropriate form. Click to continue.

  7. – If you click , the compilation of the product model will be performed. Afterward, an Infolog with information about found errors will appear.

  8. – The newly created model can be tested for errors. Click . The dialog box opens. Click OKto close it and then click to continue.

  9. – The last step is to approve and enable the new product model and select the item to which the model must apply. When you click , the form will appear. If you use this form, you can also export the model, set up price combinations, graphic parameters and validation rules.

  10. Click to finish creating the product model.