Sales tax groups are groups of sales tax codes that are attached to customers and vendors, and to ledger accounts that are used for transactions that are not posted to a particular vendor or customer.

The sales taxes that apply to a given transaction are determined by the sales tax codes that are included both in the sales tax group and in the item sales tax group of the transaction.

The sales tax calculation requires that a sales tax group and an item sales tax group be selected for each transaction for which sales tax must be calculated or recorded.

The following topics provide information about setting up sales tax groups and item sales tax groups:

Set up and use a sales tax group

Set up a default tax profile for a customer or vendor

Create an item sales tax group

Set up default item sales tax groups for an item

Set up a default item sales tax group for a ledger account

Set up ledger posting groups for sales tax

(SGP) Set up tax groups for GST reporting