1. Click > > > .

  2. On the tab, click the options in the upper left box to specify the distribution criteria you want to use. Selections are copied to the box on the right.

    • Click or to control the order in which the options appear as column headings on the tab of the lower pane.

    • If you select the or options as distribution criteria, enter a value in the group on the tab. You can then select the check box on the tab to group the age and gender values together in the graph.

  3. On the tab, enter a date in the box to produce the distribution as of a particular date.

  4. Click to update the statistics.

    The results are shown on the tab. The selected options appear as column headings in the order you specified.

  5. Click , and select the employees you want to include in the statistics.

  6. To see a graphical presentation, click the tab.

    Tip Tip

    The options under are used to compile distribution statistics for an historical date.

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