The following table lists the General ledger reports. The table entries are organized by business process component tasks and then alphabetically by report name.

Business process component

Report name


Process closing transactions

Allocation rules definition

Print allocation rule information, including the description, starting and ending dates, allocation method, data source, journal name, and account and dimension information.

Annual budget

Print the annual ledger budget balances, current balances, and any revisions to the budget.

Close-of-year transactions

Print transactions that were created in the form.

Ledger transaction list

Print a list of transactions for the selected ledger accounts.

Sales tax transactions

Print a report that displays posted sales tax transactions.

Tax declaration of import

Print information about tax transactions that are created by sales invoices when imports to and from the Ă…land islands have been completed.

Transaction list by date

Print a report that lists ledger transactions for a date or date interval.

Withholding tax transactions

Print withholding tax transactions, including totals per withholding tax code and vendor.

Allocate costs/income

Account statement by currency

Print an account statement by currency report for one or more ledger accounts.


Print a list of existing currency codes with the exchange rates on a specific date.

Elimination rules definition

Print the setup information for an elimination rule, including line information.

Revalue currency amounts

Reconciliation sales tax/ledger

Print a report that helps you reconcile the balances of sales tax and ledger accounts.

Close books

Close-of-year transactions

Print transactions that were created in the form.

Dutch audit file

Print all ledger transactions, ledger accounts, customer accounts, and vendor accounts for a specific fiscal year.

Financial statement

Print the financial statements that you defined in the form.

Open ledger transactions

Print ledger transactions that have not yet been settled.

Withholding tax - certification report

Print an Italian certification report in the withholding tax currency.

Withholding tax - monthly report

Print the Italian monthly withholding tax report in the payment currency, sorted by reason code and vendor account.

Withholding tax - yearly report

Print the Italian yearly withholding tax report in the withholding tax currency, sorted by vendor account and withholding tax code.