Use purchase blanket orders if you have a contract with a vendor and you want to order from the contract. Blanket orders are often used when you buy large quantities and have obtained special discounts with a vendor. Based on the blanket order, you can create purchase orders (release orders) and invoice items as needed until the contract is fulfilled.

You create a blanket order in the same way as a normal purchase order, but assign it the type. Discounts (trade agreements) must be calculated before you create release orders. Blanket orders have no effect on stock quantities, do not generate item transactions, and they are not included in master scheduling (unlike release orders).

On the basis of the blanket order, you can create release orders as needed. A release order contains information about quantity and delivery date and can be updated as a normal purchase order. Release orders have the order type . Note that if you modify or delete release orders, the quantity on the blanket order will not be adjusted accordingly.

Working with blanket orders includes the following processes: