If your organization is using Role Centers, your Role Center is displayed when you open Microsoft Dynamics AX.

You are assigned to Role Centers based on user profiles, which are sets of default information for a specific role in the organization. Each user is assigned to a user profile, and a Role Center is specified for each profile.

Note Note

If your organization is using Role Centers but you have not yet been assigned to one, you might see a default Role Center for your company. You can personalize this Role Center page.

In Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can view your Role Center at any time by clicking Homeon the Navigation Pane.

You can be assigned to only one user profile per company, and therefore one Role Center per company. If you have access to multiple companies, the Role Center displays information about the company that is currently selected.

Note Note

Some Web parts that display information based on SQL Server Analysis Services cubes – such as Web parts that display KPIs or SQL Server Reporting Services information – might include a separate company list that you can select from.

To view your Role Center for another company, open that company. For more information, see Open another company.