Use the form ( > > ) to link BOM lines to operation numbers. Route information for the current parent BOM is displayed in the upper-right of the tab. Where there are sub-BOMs, route information changes when you select lines.

Blue arrows in the section indicate that there are direct links from the selected route to operations. Gray arrows indicate indirect links. If the operation number is blank, the system functions as if the item is used from the first operation for the parent BOM route.

You can link sub-BOMs to a specific operation by using drag-and-drop functionality. When you link a sub-BOM to an operation, the sub-BOM must be completed and ready for the parent BOM assembly process by the time that the operation starts.

Note Note

When you drag and drop link lines from sub-BOMs to route operations, lock the parent BOM route to prevent the linking of lines to the wrong BOM route.

Link BOM lines to route operations

On the tab, click the BOM line, and drag it to the specific operation number in the route section.

Remove links

Right-click the BOM line, and select whether you want to remove the link or delete it.