When the multisite functionality is activated, the site dimension is mandatory and you must enter a site value on all inventory transactions. When planning materials and resources, the program selects a route version based on the site of the requirement, a valid date interval, and the quantity.

These are the rules that apply for sites on route versions and route lines:

  • A route version must specify a site. A route version cannot have a blank site.

  • A route version is valid for only one site.

  • When a site is defined for a route, you cannot change the site.

  • When you enter a site, the lookup forms for work centers are filtered by the site that you enter.

  • If you want to use a route at another site, you can create a new route version.

  • When you copy an existing route to a different site, the work center on the route lines is cleared, and the default work centers for the route relations are also cleared because the work centers are site-specific.

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